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Investigation Analysis

Ever been involved in an investigation and feel like something wasn’t quite right or maybe missing? Then maybe you need an investigation analysis.

Sometimes in big or multilayered investigations collecting evidence can take some time, sometimes even months or more.  During this time evidence can be lost, overlooked or forgotten about.  Things can be misinterpreted, miscommunicated or the right questions may never have been asked, which can lead investigators to dead ends or no new information and leads.

Hiring Radius Investigations can give you a fresh set of eyes and an open mind to your case.  We may look at things differently which could then lead to new information.  You could hire an analysis for a short time to assist in reviewing the evidence that has been collected thus far, helping to put the pieces together to see if there are any new leads that were possibly overlooked or may come up with a different perspective that leads to new information.

So if your investigation has hit a road block and you are looking for some momentum than we are here for you. We can help you find the missing pieces so that you have a chance to successfully solve your case.

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