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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the collection, preservation and examination of information from all forms of digital media. Depending on your needs, the information obtained can be utilized as courtroom evidence or for you to have, for your own peace of mind. Whatever the reason may be, Radius Investigations are experts in acquiring and analyzing data from multiple digital sources.

Our laptops & desktops forensics are capable of discovering essential data for your case or situation. Our forensics team can also identify the use of any key logging or tracking software installed on your computer.

Our experts are efficient in exploring files and archive on all Smartphone or IPhones. Our services also include detection of tampering or cloning of a cell phone.

Are you concerned about what others or your loved ones are doing on social media?

Radius Investigations has expertise in digging into the underbelly of social media outlets, in order to gather information on individuals.

Regardless of your concern or what you are looking for, Radius Investigations is here to assist you with all of your digital forensic needs.

  • Laptops/desktops Forensics.
  • IPhone/Smartphone.
  • SD Card Recovery.
  • Text Message Recovery.
  • Video/photo recovery.
  • Social Media investigations.
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