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9/2018 PI Now: 13 Signs Your Client May Be Bugged

Matthew D. Seifer was the featured guest writer on PI Now’s News Round-Up for September 2018. Seifer gave insight into recognizing the signs that someone may have eavesdropping devices in their home, office, or vehicle.

2/2018 Inside Edition: Put Your Cellphone to Silent and Other Tips to Help you Survive a Shooting

Radius Investigations was featured on Inside Edition on February 28th, 2018 on what to do if you are caught in an active shooter situation.

2/2018 News 12 Long Island: Run, hide, fight: seminar teachers active shooter survival skills

Matthew D. Seifer were featured on News 12’s “Nightside” on presenting an active shooter seminar to the public in response to the February 14th school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

2/2018 Patch.com: Are Our Children Safe On Long Island? A Roundtable Discussion

Seifer joined a roundtable discussion on the recent school shootings and what needs to be done to keep schools on Long Island safe.

6/2015 Mastic Beach hires Radius Investigations to determine why some village records are unaccounted for

(PDF of full article)

9/2016 Mastic Beach: Former official ran illegal background checks

(PDF of full article)

The Village of Mastic Beach hired Matthew Seifer to investigate how computer files and documents were stored in their offices to account for missing files. Through Seifer’s diligent and thorough investigative work, he discovered a breach in security that a former employee had illegal access to social security numbers and criminal records. The person used search engines reserved for law enforcement by posing as a police officer in the application to access the data. This former official conducted background checks on over 400 village residents, including local political figures and their families.

7/2014 Private eyes using drones to nab scammers and cheating spouses

Matthew was interviewed by the NY Post on how aerial drones can be used by private investigators, noting several cases done by Radius Investigations where having drones proved to be a game changer in gathering information. Seifer is continually building up his knowledge in utilizing the latest technology for investigations and security.